“Mother’s Home Cooking”.… that’s how our guests define our restaurant.

Truly homemade, local, authentic dishes that go way back!

“The main meal of the day for everybody” just like at home. Traditional dishes are the foundation of our cooking, with a small appetizer followed by a first and second course. Desserts, which are also homemade, country bread and water.  Everything is prepared in the moment. Each day’s menu can be found written on the slate board at the dining room entrance. If you do not wish to eat what is on the menu, our cook can meet your requests with alternative dishes.  Simply notify her with enough time in advance. This is also the case for children’s menus, other dietary restrictions, Celiac’s, diabetes, or vegetarians.

Sometimes we offer you meat from our cattle, certified for its origin and breeding.

Traditional breakfasts

With coffee, milk, tea, fresh-squeezed orange juice, toasted country bread topped with marvelous olive oil from the area, fresh tomato, and pieces of cured Iberian ham. Delicious homemade pastries. Fresh eggs from our estate prepared any way. Seasonal fruit and nuts. Cereal, cookies, yogurt. Butter and jam.

Lunches and Dinners

Some examples of our most popular dishes

For the first

Light dishes as starters that change depending on the season:
Pumpkin cream, a variety of soups and stews like seafood stew or picadillo chicken soup. Salmorejo with fried eggplant, salads like orange and tuna, pickled quail, roasted peppers, summer pipirrana pepper and tomato salad, gazpacho or pine nut and almond gazpacho.

More filling ones:
Migas de pan (bread crumbs) with all the cured sausage “fixings,” fried eggs and peppers, creamy rice with free range chicken, oxtail in sherry sauce, Iberian pork cheek with white rice, poor man’s potatoes with eggs and cured ham, rabbit stew with homemade galianos/harapos pasta, garlic and mushroom stew, white beans with partridge, chickpea stew with cod and chard.

Second courses

Pork tenderloin in sherry sauce, tenderloin cooked in a clay pot with creamy ajoatao garlic sauce, cod in onion confit, breaded lamb chops, salmon fillets with carrots, pickled partridges, scrambled fava beans with ham, free range chicken drumsticks in pepitoria sauce.

And for dessert

Seasonal fruit, sometimes from our garden, and homemade desserts typical of the region like the classic free range egg flan, milk and cheese cake, lemon dessert with nuts, Pedro Ximénez dessert sherry custard, and when it’s the right time of year the special sweet gacha porridge or honey fritters.

In addition, to snack on

we offer the classics of Iberian ham, sheep’s cheese in olive oil, partridge paté, Spanish potato omelette, chicken croquettes and more.

If you wish to request one, we are able to prepare barbecues in the garden or a picnic to take with you to the countryside.

You can find extra virgin olive oil from the surrounding olive trees and a few other souvenirs from El Añadío at our small store.


We have something for you to take away as a souvenir: always a magnificent early extra virgin olive oil from the area, and the homemade partridge pâté from our restaurant. The sterling silver bracelet with the iron of El Añadío, designed by the sculptor Manuel López… and some other little things.

Give stays and experiences El Añadio

Designed to your taste, include in them what you want: accommodation, activities, catering…etc. In a totally personalized way and with a year to consume them. We can send you a virtual gift, a physical gift letter or a gift pack with information and our magnificent oil. Please consult us.
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