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El Añadío
Paraje Dehesa El Añadío s/n
23220 Vilches (Jaen – España)

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hotel jaen vilches entrada


How to get there

El Añadío can be reached via a 7.5 km rural road, which is unpaved and signposted along the way. The entrance to this road is at Km 11.9 of the A-301 road, which goes from La Carolina to Úbeda. In the Google Maps application you must search: “Entrance to El Añadío road

Once you’re on the road, follow the road signs. For more security, search in the Google Maps application: “Hotel Taurino Rural El Añadio“.

Almost at the end of it you will find an iron gate that you can open to enter and close again. If you have any doubt during your journey, please call us, we will be glad to tell you. Have a good trip!


Entrance to the rural route


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